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Download electric fence insulator installation videoAre your horses leaning through your pipe panels, bending the posts or rubbing out their manes? 

Pipe fencing is one of the most versatile types of fence. It is easy to install because it simply clamps to pipes driven into the ground.  The drawback to this fence is the limited strength of the pipe posts and also the width between the rails which allows horses to put their necks through.  When horses rub against it or put their heads through the rails, the fence bends over.  At Firefly Andalusian Ranch we love the flowing manes our horses have.  Without some way to discourage them from sticking their necks through the rails to nibble at the grass on the other side we were getting bald spots in their manes, so we developed this innovative solution.  These clamps are only available through Equi-Tee farm and fence.


The answer to this problem is solved in a snap!

Pipe Panel Clamps

12 pieces -  3.5" long 
adjusts from 1 5/8" to 1 7/8 outside diameter
 ONLY $14.95

Available in a variety of colors

Bulk discounts are available

Install an Equi-Tee insulator and get your horses' respect by mounting a scare wire. Our special insulator attaches to the side of your pipe panels without drilling a hole in the pipe. The clamp can be mounted on the horizontal  section of the panel.  The hot wire can be positioned as needed, a point midway up is preferred, although  stallions may need a high wire to keep them from "necking" over the fence. Place it on both sides of adjoining pastures to reduce horse mischief to a minimum.  We strongly suggest using polyrope or tape to prevent injuries caused by hot wire. Our insulators are an economical and practical way to protect your pipe panel fences. 
Sizes and specifications
The pipe clamp insulators are 3.5" inches in length and they adjust for pipe diameters of  1 5/8" to 1 7/8".  These sizes should fit  most pipe panels, heavy duty fences as well as some cyclone fence posts.
The pipe clamps are constructed of a high grade of poly plastic with UV inhibiters and flex agents added.  This means that they will last for years without cracking, however; this also means that they cost a bit more than T-post style snap on insulators.    
Installation Instructions
 Select the location for the insulator.  Snap the clamp over the pipe. If you are using the clamp on small diameter pipe, use the short screw in the top hole.  If you are using it on a 1 7/8 pipe, use the longer screw in the bottom hole. Tighten the screw to fix the position on the pipe.  Do not over-tighten. 

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