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After selling our products it is not uncommon to talk to our customers again, many times to take a reorder. However, one of the real joys when developing a new product is getting a written testimonial about the product, either in newspapers or in personal letters.  These unsolicited testimonials are the best kind of referral. We thank our customers for taking the time to write and share their enthusiasm about Equi-Tee Products. 

Hello Joseph,

Just wanted to let you know we are totally satisfied with your product, the EF-8 hot wire mount. Like you advertise, it was a matter of time before our horses/ponies were pushing on the posts and rails. We put just two strands along the fence which, by the way, is attractive and does not detract from the vinyl fence, and have not had a problem since. The animals respect the fence, so we have no more cracks, splits or a board popping out. Thank you for offering this simple fencing solution.  In addition if someone needed to write us (doubting Thomas'),  give out our email address.
By the way, we used a Gallagher energizer after researching many others; it seems to be working out great. With our horses we didn't have to rig the gate; they won't even attempt to get near it. We put them in their runs at night, and at first they were skeptical about going through the open gate; that subsides after a while. Thank you again; your invention is amazing. Do you have a patent on it? (as a matter of  fact one was just approved!  Joseph) Better look into that. To drill the holes Jon made a "template" that hugs the posts for accurate drilling. His is made out of iron, but if you want to talk to him about the design I'll bet you could make it out of a lighter-weight plastic.

Jon and Lennie Hoff.

Dear Joseph,

I want to personally thank you and your company for offering the "Hot Wire Stud". My husband and son successfully installed the studs on our PVC posts, hooked up the charger to the wire in very little time. Our fencing looks great and our horses are safe. Our vinyl fence won't be damaged anymore. I have quit worrying about our horses pushing or jumping through it. Please post this  e-mail because my desire is to get the word out and make sure every vinyl fence installation all over the country is made safe so that not one animal gets out and possibly severely injured as a result. Most people like my family, purchased the vinyl fencing so that we would never again worry about our animals being injured by the fence. We work long hours away from the house and didn't want to come home in the dark to find a rail down or an animal bleeding somewhere because of a fence injury. The fence won't hurt them but many things outside of the fence could. We never dreamed that the fence would, lets say, come apart so easily. Even if the rails aren't damaged the clips fail, then where does that leave you? I can't tell you how many rail clips we've gone through in just 3 years. We had to rob clips from parts of the fence that wasn't exposed to the horses. With the hotwire, the clips won't fail because the rails won't be pushed on, the posts won't lean over as a few of ours have, and the rails won't pop out. We still have our pasture areas to safely fence. It has field fencing that is old, bent and low. I was considering a web type hot wire to add to the top of it. The problem would be the evergreen trees that are close to the fence in some areas. It would be hard to maintain the trees to keep them from shorting out the fence. The answer for us may be your idea of the vinyl rail along the top.
Once again, thank you for creating the fencing solutions, keep up the good work. I will keep checking your website to find new things.


Jan Davis
Spirit Acres
Norman, OK

Dear Joseph,

I love your products!


Valerie Cheatham

Dear Joseph,

Many thanks for your clamp on  hotwire mounts, they work good.


J. Shirley Bothum
Joseph, OR    

Dear Joseph,

After installing your hot wire stud for PVC fencing, I'll never go back to using anything else.


Bill Anderson
Anderson Fence

Sent: Friday, May 24, 2002 4:46 PM

Hi Guys,
Just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with your fencing system.  Using the T posts was a life saver.  Living in NH, we have nothing but rock and digging holes for posts would have been the death of me.
It was a pleasure dealing with you folks and I will certainly contact you again if I need more stuff.
Mark H.
Wolfeboro, NH


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