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Complete 6 pieceAssembly
This includes all the parts needed to mount one adapter to one  post.


$9.95 per assembly
Bulk discounts are available for orders over 100 posts

Hot Wire Mount EF-08 $13.95/ per 30 or $39.95/ per 100 Bulk discounts are available
Post Cap EF-10 $5.40/ per 5
Pipe Panel Clamp EF-12 $14.95/ per 12  Bulk discounts are available
PVC Glue GL-01 $4.50 1.5 oz tube

It is important to note here that Equi-Tee manufactures and markets only one component of the "Equi-fence" system, the adapterBecause of the high cost of freight, it is not economical for us to sell you the top rails, t-posts and non-climb wire. These components will need to be acquired locally, however; many companies will supply you with a nearby dealer address.  A quick estimate of the cost of a fence is approximately $4.75 per lineal foot including all the necessary pieces, some of which you will need to source yourself   Our portion, the adapter, costs 1.25/lf, so include that with the price of your other supplies to get an accurate estimate of materials in your area.
*Note: This estimate assumes a cost of $1.20 per lineal foot for virgin PVC rails, $1.20/lf for 2X4 non-climb wire and $3.80 per 6' heavy duty T-post (.47/lf).  Heavy duty posts must weight at least 1.33 pounds per foot. Contact your local dealer for more accurate prices. 

Q. Please help me calculate the cost to fence a one acre pasture? 

A.  We get asked this question many times. We can only give an example of an estimate because it is not possible to answer without knowing the length of the sides of the fence. For example, if you have one acre (44,000 sq/ft) that was 210x210, you would have 840 lineal feet of fence, but of it were 4400x10 you would 8820 lineal feet of fence. A two acre parcels doesn't take twice the fencing as a one acre piece either.  For example, 840 feet will do one acre, but it only takes 1680 feet to do four acres (420 x 420), and 2640 feet (half a mile) to do 10 acres, or 264 feet per acre.  So if you have a huge plot, don't be scared off by the numbers because the amount per acre goes down dramatically.
For comparison purposes we are going to use a square acre, whose outside dimension is 840 feet. A complete "Equi-Fence" should run about $4.75* a foot or $3990.00 for materials.  Two acres (88,000 sq/ft) is 1186 feet around, or about $5633.00 for materials.  Note that materials can run up to $1.00 per foot higher depending on availability where you live.  We only manufacture the Equi-Tee adapter, and cannot give a more accurate estimate this since we cannot guarantee the cost on the items (Vinyl rails, non-climb, t-posts, anchor posts and concrete) that we don't provide.
Even at the higher estimate you are building a fence that has exceptional strength, visibility and safety for less than any other permanent fencing option, and you can install it yourself! 


Materials for a Dressage Court  

Description Number Required Cost each/ Total
Equi-Tee Clip-Top adapter


 $9.95 /  $697.00
11/2 X 51/2 X 16' Vinyl Rail


 $17.60 / $580.80
51/2' Heavy Duty T Posts.  These are cut into three 18" sections.


 $2.40  /  $ 84.00

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