At Equi-Tee we manufacture these specialized patented electric fence insulators to help you mount a electrified wire or polyrope to either pipe panels or white PVC fencing. 

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Insulators for Pipe fencing
Download electric fence insulator installation video     

These pipe clamps fit on pipes with a diameter of 1 5/8" to 1 7/8".
They will also fit on larger pipes but must use a wire tie, rather than the provided screws. They stand off the pipe 3 1/2 inches.

This a very fast way to mount a hot wire, and 12 clamps cost just $14.95.  Although white is the most popular color, check out the other options on our order page.
Bulk discounts are available

We suggest using our 650' foot rolls of a  high quality polyrope for only $69.95

Insulators for PVC fencing
Download electric fence insulator installation video   

These hot wire mounts snap and glue to the post of PVC vinyl fencing.  They will take a wire or polyrope up to 5/16 thick.  We suggest mounting one or two per post.

They are inexpensive insurance for your fence and cost just $13.95 for a bag of 30 pieces, or $39.95 for a bag of 100.
Bulk discounts are available

A tube of glue costs $4.50.

We also sell 650' foot rolls of a  high quality polyrope for only $69.95

If you need samples please click here to access our request form, and we will provide you with samples or other information that you request.  Also by clicking here you can access our entire website which goes into much more information about our electric fence insulators.  

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