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Download electric fence insulator installation videoTired of replacing PVC rails that have been damaged by your horses? 
White Polyvinyl fence is one of the most attractive and expensive fences you can install. The benefits of polyvinyl rails are numerous and its flexibility is one of the keys to its safety. Unfortunately this advantage can lead to ongoing and expensive maintenance when horses rub against it, put their heads through the rails or do all the other things that horses naturally do. If your horses are anything like ours at Firefly Andalusian Ranch, it won't take them long to realize that they can bend the fence to nibble at the grass on the other side, or in the case of larger horses, simply push until the rails pop out of the posts.

The answer to this problem is solved in a snap!

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Install an Equi-Tee insulator and get your horses' respect by mounting a scare wire. Our special insulator attaches to the inside of the posts without screws or nails. Installation is quick and easy, you simply snap the stud into a small hole and secure it with glue. The hot wire can be positioned as needed, a point midway up is preferred, although stallions may need a high wire to keep them from "necking" over the fence. Place it on both sides of adjoining pastures to reduce horse mischief to a minimum.  We strongly suggest using polyrope or tape to prevent injuries caused by hot wire.   Installing a scare wire will greatly diminish the types of damage that new fence warranties DO NOT cover. For just pennies per post our insulators are an economical and practical way to protect your beautiful white fence.

To complete your installation you will also need a fence charger, (note: a 1 joule charger caries more than enough shock), a direct burial wire to hook the charger to your polyrope, and a grounding rod kit.  Unfortunately we do not stock these items and they must be purchased at your farm store. 

We also manufacture a specialized clamp to fit  Pipe Panel Fencing!



Installation Tips 

Corners and Gates

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Installation Instructions

Download electric fence insulator installation videoSelect the location for the insulator. Generally a position mid point on the fence is preferable. Drill a hole in the post using a 3/8 drill bit. Clean the post and apply a small amount of glue to the post or the hot wire stud. We suggest a tube of specialized glue available through us, or a multi-purpose PVC/CPVC/ABS glue can be used. Snap the stud into the hole and press it firmly against the post.

 Corners and Gates

A frequent question we are asked is what should be done at a corner or gate post. The following photos will help illustrate the method we used at our ranch to deal with these situations.  

When a gate is encountered we suggest running a wire down the post and burying it a couple of inches underground across the gate opening.  We use two or three of our insulators to keep the wire firmly attached to the post, otherwise the horses seem to brush it off. We suggest using the specialized insulated wire called direct burial wire made just for this purpose. Its extra thick insulation will keep the electricity from arcing into the earth.
When your three rail vinyl fence cross each other ends in a corner, we suggest mounting an insulator on each side of the post that the polyrope is going to be touching. Wrap the rope around the post and continue on in the new direction. This method does not put a strain on the insulators and still keeps the hot rope away from the rails.

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