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Firefly Ranch research and development facility
Farming and ranching has an appeal all of its own. The trusting eyes of a newborn foal, the smell of fresh cut hay, these and a thousand other reasons are why we are involved in this industry. We relate to why you love horses and ranching, because we work at it every day ourselves.

Firefly Ranch is located in sunny Southern Oregon, about 12 miles North of Medford. Our 100 acre facility is crossed by seasonal creeks and situated in the heart of the Rogue River Valley.


This page is part of our Fencing Solutions site, and describes our equine and farm related activities. Whether you are looking to make a fence purchase or invest in a new horse, you have found the page that is the nucleus of it all.

When we purchased our facility it had suffered through years of neglect. The first project on the list was replacing the rotting post, board and wire fence. It was during that exercise that we began to relate to the difficulties and expenses involved in installing and maintaining fencing for horses. 


 As with every ranch facility, the equipment and grounds maintenance is an ongoing responsibility. We raise and harvest all the hay we feed, and maintain the tractors, swathers and other harvest related equipment. With all this to do, the style as well as the durability of our fences became a very important consideration. Needless to say, any fencing product that saves time and money, without compromising our horses safety, is greatly appreciated. Our Equi-Tee accessories evolved because there was nothing available that offered low cost, durability, visibility, safety and do-it-yourself construction. If you enjoy Andalusian horses as much as we do and just want to talk about them, or if you are looking for a horse to buy, call Dianne or Joseph Berto from 9 to 5 Pacific Standard Time, Monday through Friday.

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Telephone: 1 (541) 826-8301
10984 Meadows Road
White City, OR  97503

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