Have you ever noticed what makes some ranches really stand out?

Sometimes it is the small details. Like placing a white border along your equestrian walkways, or building a Dressage Arena. The Equi-Tee Adapter makes this easier than ever. You can install a stunning Dressage Arena in only one weekend. No post holes to dig, bolts to tighten or wood to paint. The Equi-Tee adapter even covers the T Post tops with a cap that is firmly snapped into place. It won't come off even if stepped on. If your horse steps out of line there is no chain to get tangled up into.

Complete arena from


Installation Instructions

One of the nicest additions you can make to your facility is designating an area specifically for riding your horse. Here is finally a simple and inexpensive (compared to other means!) way to install one. This helps your training by allowing you to focus on the task. If you are preparing for Dressage competition it gives your horse a chance to become accustomed to working near a low open rail. Constructing an arena does not need to be expensive, and although a three rail enclosure is nice, many of the training benefits will occur even if a low Dressage style court is constructed.

Description Number Required Cost each  /  Total
Equi-Tee Clip-Top adapter


  $7.45   /   $521.50
11/2 X 51/2 X 16' vinyl Rail


 $17.60   /  $580.80
51/2' Heavy Duty T Posts


 $2.40  /   $ 84.00

The total price for the parts is approximately $1186.30

Equi-Tee does not manufacture all of the parts of the arena.  We only manufacture the Clip-Top Adapter that lets you mount standard PVC rails to T posts.  We start with the 5 1/2 foot length , then cut them in two. T-posts can be sourced from your local fence or ranch supply stores, and vinyl rails can be purchased from fence dealers usually located the the yellow pages. The approximate cost of the items is to build a 60' X 200' court. 

For posts we use 5 1/2 foot T posts and cut them in two. The bottom sections with the flanges are used every 16' where the rails meet.  The other sections are used at 8 foot intervals. 
Assembling the arena takes about one afternoon. Once the layout of the arena has been completed the posts can be set at an 8 foot spacing. It is important to have the posts accurately spaced and pounded vertically, using a level as you go. Complete the arena by snapping the Equi-Tee adapter onto the posts. Slide the rail through the slot. Drill the holes for the securing pins and insert them into the rails.


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